The Genesis team

At Genesis, we have 5 core values that influence everything we do.

Excellence – The details matter.
Collaboration – Listen, discuss, and seek counsel.
Humility – Displayed through every action.
Respect – Given to the team in all advice, actions and strategies.
Integrity – In every action and every decision

Our goal is to embody these values, not only in our work, but in every aspect of our lives.


Genesis Robotics is a spin-out from Genesis Advanced Technology – a research and development company focused on developing new solutions to some of the significant challenges of our time. The Genesis team has more than 30 patents spanning a variety of applications.

These include: oil and gas, medical devices, human performance, clean energy and robotics. Our 30 member team includes PhDs in Engineering, Physicists, Mathematicians and highly skilled machinists and fabricators.

Don Brown - President
Don Brown is a proven business development leader, with decades of experience in corporate development, marketing, strategic planning and engineering. Before joining Genesis Robotics, Don led Business Development for Koch Chemical Technology Group, a wholly owned Koch portfolio company focused on industrial technology and engineered products. Don also directed Koch’s strategic investment in Genesis Robotics.

From 2003-2015 Don was Executive Vice President of Koch Equity Development, responsible for investment, acquisition, and divestiture activity at the Koch Industries Holding Company. Koch owns and operates a diverse group of companies including refining, chemicals, and biofuels; forest and consumer products; fertilizers; polymers and fibers; process and pollution control equipment and technologies; electronics; information systems; commodity trading; minerals; energy; glass; ranching; and investments. Koch has a presence in over 60 countries, employs approximately 100,000 people and generates annual revenue in excess of $100 billion.

Prior to joining Koch, Mr. Brown spent 15 years in corporate development and engineering for several publicly traded energy companies, including Williams Companies, Southern Company Energy, Vastar, Chevron and Tenneco Oil. Don has s Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.
James Klassen - CTO
James Klassen is an inventor for the 21st century. He is driven to make the impossible commonplace and to use his inventions to increase productivity and assist the less fortunate.

James is the Chief Technology Officer for Genesis Robotics. He has over 30 patents to his name and is published in Neurosurgery Journal. His inventions cover a diverse range from healthcare to suspension design, and from human kinetics to robotics.

His industry-disrupting products include the first snowboard to prove that a flat base with no fins was the most effective design to win races, and the Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) mountain bike suspension which won two world championships in its first year on the market. Since then, the VPP has won more races than any mountain bike on the market and accolades include Bike of the Decade, and one of the Most Significant Mountain Bike Patents of All Time.

With the development of the now-patented Cold Cycle Engine and the world’s fastest high pressure air valve for a U.S. Navy application, James’ team of 35 technicians, engineers, and machinists have progressed to a new level of electro-mechanical discovery. By combining their love for mechanical systems with the unlimited potential of electromagnetic principles, they developed a direct-drive robotic actuator so powerful it eliminates the need for age-old pulleys, belts and gears.

The LiveDrive actuator, which acts like a human joint, delivers a dramatic increase in robotic performance and safety with a substantial reduction in cost. It is now poised to disrupt and grow the $30 billion robotics industry.

Senior Leadership

David Lokhorst - VP Engineering
Kevin Meier - VP Business Operations
Len Zapalowski - VP Business Development
Roy Belak - VP Business Development