The Genesis team

At Genesis, we have 5 core values that influence everything we do.

Excellence – The details matter.
Collaboration – Listen, discuss, and seek counsel.
Humility – Displayed through every action.
Respect – Given to the team in all advice, actions and strategies.
Integrity – In every action and every decision

Our goal is to embody these values, not only in our work, but in every aspect of our lives.


Genesis Robotics is a spin-out from Genesis Advanced Technology – a research and development company focused on developing new solutions to some of the significant challenges of our time. The Genesis team has more than 30 patents spanning a variety of applications.

These include: oil and gas, medical devices, human performance, clean energy and robotics. Our 30 member team includes PhDs in Engineering, Physicists, Mathematicians and highly skilled machinists and fabricators.

Michael Gibney - President, Founder
Michael Gibney is a proven entrepreneur, venture capitalist and company builder dedicated to providing products and services that help change the world for the better. He has spent the last 17 years of his career founding, leading, financing and building successful companies in wealth management, engineering, custom innovation and robotics technologies.

His companies have created more than 100 highly technical jobs, attracted more than $35 million in direct investments, and helped hundreds of families invest more than $1 billion dollars to secure their financial futures and live generously.

Michael is the founder and owner of Covenant Family Wealth Advisors, a British Columbia-based company that counsels entrepreneurs and people with high net worth to manage their wealth and fulfill their philanthropic goals. In recent years, he has co-founded and led companies that have developed custom technologies for the US military, clean energy, and the oil and gas industry, and in the areas of surgical robots, human performance and health.

Most recently, as president and founder of Genesis Robotics, he has brought together 35 engineers, programmers, physicists and inventors to develop the LiveDrive actuator. LiveDrive enables the world’s most powerful robots, and – for the first time – allows robots to work quickly and safely alongside humans for manufacturing, home, health and military applications. The company aims to get the LiveDrive and its benefits into a $70-billion market, at mass scale, in the immediate future.

Michael lends his talents and passions in entrepreneurship, mentorship and biblically based ethics to guide companies that operate in developing countries and ensure ethically fair prices and wages, and safe working conditions. He volunteers his time in the community, and provided guidance to enhance teaching in financial planning at the university level.
James Klassen - CTO, Founder
James Klassen is an inventor for the 21st century. He is driven to make the impossible commonplace and to use his inventions to increase productivity and assist the less fortunate.

James is the Chief Technology Officer for Genesis Robotics. He has over 30 patents to his name and is published in Neurosurgery Journal. His inventions cover a diverse range from healthcare to suspension design, and from human kinetics to robotics.

His industry-disrupting products include the first snowboard to prove that a flat base with no fins was the most effective design to win races, and the Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) mountain bike suspension which won two world championships in its first year on the market. Since then, the VPP has won more races than any mountain bike on the market and accolades include Bike of the Decade, and one of the Most Significant Mountain Bike Patents of All Time.

With the development of the now-patented Cold Cycle Engine and the world’s fastest high pressure air valve for a U.S. Navy application, James’ team of 35 technicians, engineers, and machinists have progressed to a new level of electro-mechanical discovery. By combining their love for mechanical systems with the unlimited potential of electromagnetic principles, they developed a direct-drive robotic actuator so powerful it eliminates the need for age-old pulleys, belts and gears.

The LiveDrive actuator, which acts like a human joint, delivers a dramatic increase in robotic performance and safety with a substantial reduction in cost. It is now poised to disrupt and grow the $30 billion robotics industry.

James has a deep desire to invent solutions to help the less fortunate. Ongoing developments, with business partner Michael Gibney, include a rugged solar powered e-reader and a bio-mechanically optimized water pump for people in developing nations.
Mike Hilton - CEO
Mike is passionate about providing solutions and support that empower organizations to realize the successful execution of their business plans and objectives.

Benefiting from over 20 years of diverse experience in Software Development and Solutions, Telecommunications, CCTV and Access Control, Data Communications and Business Consulting, Mike has lead teams in Business Operations, Sales, Marketing and Technical Services.
Gert Kollenhoven – CFO
Gert brings to Genesis years of international financial experience as Chief Financial Officer. This includes time spent as the former CFO for the outsourcing business in North America of Capgemini, one of the world's largest consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies with almost 183,000 employees in over 40 countries. A chartered accountant by training, Gert has a great sense for detail while maintaining a strong strategic view and focus on the big picture. He has lived and worked in Europe, North America and Africa and sees the function of finance as a key enabler to improve the overall business and operational performance of an organization. Gert also provides strategic leadership to several local and international charitable organizations.
Sean Marte – Head Engineer
A key member of Genesis’s engineering team, Sean has 12 years of industry experience in engineering, product development and project management. Sean has worked extensively with electric motor development, CNG equipment, condensing and evaporating heat exchangers, hydrogen compressors and heat pumps. In addition, he has experience designing, commissioning and operating test stands including automation equipment, instrumentation and controls. Sean has a Masters of Engineering Degree in Electro-Mechanical Design Engineering and was awarded the Letson Prize as the top graduate in this program.
Cam Marshall - Engineering Manager
Cam brings over 25 years of Product Development and Manufacturing experience in the Automotive, Mining, Oil and Gas, Electronics and Alternative Energy Industries working directly with companies as diverse as DuPont, Ford, Mercedes, Canon, Hitachi, Schlumberger and Anglo-American. He has worked in a wide range of positions including Process Engineer, Project/Program Manager and Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering Manager. He has managed groups of up to 20 Engineers, managed several highly complex multi-million dollar turnkey automation projects, and is the holder of several design patents. Cam is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Queen’s University in Ontario.
Steve Chamberlain – Chief Designer
Steve Chamberlain has decades of experience developing high tech design concepts. He has worked in many fields of engineering including jet engines, wave energy machines, natural gas reciprocating compressors and extreme vacuum manufacturing machinery for microchips. Steve also has a variety of patents to his name. He has managed teams of up to 20 designers on critical timescale projects, including a design study replacing Aircraft Carrier catapults with linear induction motors for the British Royal Navy. He completed a 5 year Engineering apprenticeship in the UK and obtained a Higher National Diploma in Engineering.
Chad Enns - Analyst
Chad has a unique blend of technical and creative skills, along with a diverse range of industry experience. He thrives on using his abilities to provide insightful analytics for the companies he works for. Educated as a mining engineer, he spent 5 years providing technical insight for various mining operations throughout North America. Part of his mining career was spent as a consulting engineer where he analyzed the economic feasibility of large capital mining projects. Chad also worked in the apparel industry for 5 years. As a product developer, he would use a mix of retail analytics to drive product design and sales. He currently owns and operates a health food business and a hospitality promotion company. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from Montana Tech.
Riley Gibney - Marketing Manager
Riley brings years of experience working with and leading teams in various industries across the country. He served with P.P.C.L.I in the Canadian Armed Forces and was sent on multiple deployments during his service. Riley has a background in photography, marketing, communications and project management where he has helped to develop and deliver creative assets on time and on budget.
Mike Park - Financial Controller
Mike is gifted in being able to find creative solutions to challenging business problems. His educational background and work experience is rooted in international entrepreneurialism with specific experience in the fields of humanitarian aid, marketing, and consumer products industries. Within these environments Mike has had 5 years of experience successfully leading teams into creating efficient operational structures that fulfill business objectives.
Michael Harris - Marketing and Communications
Michael brings decades of storytelling experience to the Genesis team. He began his career as an audio engineer, specializing in television post-production, and has written and directed ADR for award winning TV series and mini-series productions. His audio management work for animation includes “G.I. Joe Extreme”, “Transformers – Beast Wars”, “ReBoot”, and also song writing credits for 6 episodes of “The Littlest Pet Shop”. Over the past 15 years Michael has specialized in video production, creating content for national and multi-national businesses and organizations.