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Genesis Robotics achieves breakthrough performance with SCARA robot
April 3, 2017

Vancouver BC: The team at Genesis Robotics announced that its ground-breaking LiveDrive technology has accomplished another impressive feat.

Genesis has built a SCARA robot powered by its revolutionary LiveDrive actuator. SCARA robots are common industrial robots, often used for “pick and place” operations.

The Genesis robot is modeled to a lightning fast rate of 300 picks per minute. This speed potentially marks a 50% improvement over the fastest SCARA currently on the market, which is capable of performing only 200 picks per minute. Even more impressively, the Genesis robot is simulated to accomplish this feat while operating at roughly half of its peak torque capabilities. The Genesis team believes that soon their SCARA will be able to reach even higher sustained and peak speeds.

A SCARA robot powered by the LiveDrive, would have a tremendous impact on industries as diverse as automotive, medical, and food and beverage.

The unique design of the LiveDrive actuator, which doesn’t use gears, belts, or pulleys, allows this SCARA configuration to set new speed benchmarks. And will allow future SCARA configurations to reach new levels of performance.

The outstanding results of this SCARA robot help Genesis Robotics take another step towards meeting its mission of powering the world’s fastest, safest and most versatile robots.