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Genesis Robotics builds new Delta robot with outstanding performance
June 19, 2017

Vancouver, BC: Genesis Robotics announced today that the they have built a new Delta robot reference design, which uses the revolutionary LiveDrive technology to achieve incredible performance.

Delta robots are high-speed, lightweight robots that are most often used in “pick-and-place” operations. They are especially common in food packaging, and other industries involving light loads and high output.

Speed, precision, and reliability are some of the most important features for Delta robots. By implementing the LiveDrive technology into Genesis Robotics’ Delta reference robot, the team is expecting to make dramatic improvements in each of these areas compared to what is currently on the market.

Furthermore, traditional geared actuators suffer from significant inertia, which limits their ability to change directions quickly. The standard speed for a delta robot is about 200 PPM (picks-per-minute), and the fastest robots can reach speeds of 220-230 PPM. Because the LiveDrive avoids the drawbacks of a gearbox, Genesis’ new delta reference robot is modeled to reach speeds of more than 300 PPM in its basic configuration.

The LiveDrive achieves these breakthrough speeds without sacrificing precision. Gearboxes deal with backlash between gears when they stop or change directions, which makes precise positioning very difficult. The LiveDrive uses only one moving part, and as a result experiences about 1/300th of the backlash of a geared actuator. The result is a Delta robot with extraordinary precision.

The complicated moving parts and backlash of a geared actuator also cause major wear and tear, especially when those units must perform and change directions at high speeds. The LiveDrive has only one moving part, which means it suffers much less wear over time, and can run at extremely high speeds without incurring damage. This creates a bright future for Delta robots that use the LiveDrive, resulting in a more reliable robot that’s easier to maintain.

The introduction of the ground-breaking Delta robot is another milestone in the development of the LiveDrive technology. The world class team of engineers at Genesis Robotics will continue to build exciting new applications for the LiveDrive, as part of their mission to power the world’s fastest, safest and most versatile robots.