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Genesis Robotics names former Microsoft executive Mike Hilton as CEO
February 20, 2017

Vancouver, BC: Genesis Robotics, a company founded to create faster, safer robots, announced today that Mike Hilton will become the company’s Chief Executive Officer effective March 1, 2017.

Hilton was formerly a senior Microsoft executive responsible for start-up partnerships as well as a former entrepreneur who co-founded, led and sold three successful technology companies. Hilton will be responsible for leading the introduction and roll-out of Genesis’ groundbreaking Live Drive technology into the $30-billion-a-year robotics market.

“Mike is the perfect CEO for Genesis,” said Michael Gibney, co-founder, Genesis Robotics. “He is a proven company builder, who has successfully scaled up organizations through highly disrupted periods and in numerous industries – most recently the cloud computing transformation that has fundamentally changed the software industry. Mike will help get LiveDrive into production and into the market.”

Hilton is looking forward to bringing his decades-long experience in launching, building and growing companies to his new role.

“I have seen first-hand how cloud-based technology has disrupted the software market and completely changed the way companies and individuals acquire and use software,” said Hilton. “The Genesis LiveDrive will have the same transformative impact in the robotics industry, enabling the development of safer, faster, less expensive robots for a multitude of applications, from healthcare to manufacturing to the home.”

Actuators are like human joints and muscles, providing a robot with movement, power and control. The LiveDrive uses a direct drive motor, eliminating the gear boxes and drive belts that make current robots heavy, slow, expensive and unsafe as well as being complicated to build and maintain.  LiveDrive can stop quickly and change direction safely, and it is more reliable and easier to manufacture.

“I am very excited and inspired to be joining such an innovative company, one that is on the cusp of revolutionizing the robotics industry and how we live, work and interact with robots,” said Hilton. “Founders Michael Gibney, James Klassen and their team have built something very special at Genesis, and I look forward to working together with them to realize their vision.”

Genesis Robotics has raised more than $26 million in angel funding and the LiveDrive is fully funded through development. Mr. Gibney provided the company’s start-up capital and and brought together the 35-member LiveDrive development team.