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Ground-breaking robotics technology opens a new world of possibilities
May 8, 2017

Vancouver BC: The revolutionary LiveDrive robotic actuator developed by Genesis Robotics is creating exciting new applications for robots and is the perfect piece of technology to bring robots out of the factory, and into our homes.

The world-class team of engineers at the company is currently developing innovative new assistive robot designs, specifically targeted to help humans directly tackle daily tasks.

Assistive robots don’t replace humans, but instead are tools to help humans with a number of activities in everyday life.  Assistive robots that use the LiveDrive actuator will allow elderly people to stay in their homes longer by helping with tasks like cooking and lifting heavy objects.  These advanced robots will also offer new means of mobility to people with disabilities.

Assistive robots will have major industrial benefits as well. Companies that adopt assistive robots will be able to combine the strength and power of robots with the ingenuity and dexterity of humans. Operators will be able to control robots directly and with precision, while easily adapting to new situations, without complex planning and programming.

This next breakthrough in robotics is on the horizon and it will be powered by the LiveDrive actuator.  Genesis Robotics is continuing to develop exciting new applications for its technology as part of its mission to make the world’s fastest, safest and most versatile robots.