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Revolutionary LiveDrive technology creates new robotics opportunities
July 3, 2017

Vancouver BC: Genesis Robotics announced today that it will continue to develop and refine its exoskeleton application for the LiveDrive as the team continues to find new ways for robots to help workers, soldiers, people with disabilities, and the elderly.

A robotic exoskeleton is an apparatus that a person wears to help them complete a task. Exoskeletons can protect people from injuries and help them lift heavier weight than what is naturally possible. Current exoskeletons can be powerful, but are also bulky, heavy and clumsy. These drawbacks drastically limit their usefulness and have largely prevented humans from using them in everyday life.

But everything is about to change with the help of the LiveDrive.

The LiveDrive actuator generates high torque and speed without using a gearbox. It’s elegant, simple and compact design also allow it to be directly mounted to the joints, giving the next generation of exoskeletons the ability to move with greater flexibility and life like motion. This means that using an exoskeleton for everyday actions like walking and lifting will now feel more natural and human like than ever before.

The unique benefits of the LiveDrive actuator mean that for the first time, it will be practical to use exoskeletons in a large variety of new and exciting ways. Exoskeletons will help workers lift heavy loads without the risk of injury. They’ll also improve prosthetics, allow soldiers to carry heavier loads for longer and offer incredible mobility to people with disabilities. Also, by helping with things like lifting and movement, light and flexible exoskeletons will allow elderly people to be more self-sufficient and live independently in their homes longer.

The world-class team of engineers at Genesis Robotics will continue to develop this exciting technology as part of its mission to power the world’s fastest, safest and most versatile robots.