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Genesis Robotics achieves industry breakthrough in torque-to-weight ratio
January 7, 2016

Vancouver BC: Genesis Robotics announced another milestone in its mission to create the world’s fastest, safest robots – the highest torque-to-weight direct drive actuator.

Current robots can be fast or safe, but not both. Conventional actuators, which provide robots with movement, power and control, lack the performance to stop quickly enough to prevent accidents. Conversely, robots which achieve safety by operating at slow speeds result in poor productivity.

“The LiveDrive has demonstrated a peak torque-to-weight of more than three times higher than any other frameless direct drive actuator. In an industry where improvements of one or two percent are noteworthy, a three times increase in torque-to-weight is an incredible breakthrough” said James Klassen, CTO of Genesis Robotics. “This level of performance is a key success in our mission to build the world’s fastest, safest robots.”

“The Holy Grail in the robotics industry is a robot that can work safely and efficiently around humans. We believe the performance breakthrough we are announcing today will dramatically expand the applications for robots and create new opportunities that robotic designers, manufacturers and end-users have only been able to dream about,” said Michael Gibney, CEO.