The Livedrive Story


The LiveDrive™ electric motor provides what the industry has been waiting for – high torque, direct-drive actuation. With a revolutionary design that can power axial and radial motors, the LiveDrive™ electric motor is a breakthrough technology, delivering higher speeds and greater stopping torque.

The Genesis team made three fundamental discoveries that made the LiveDrive™ electric motor possible:

  • Magnetic Amplification
  • Advanced Structural Magnetic Architecture
  • Unparalleled Heat Dissipation

This means that robots, machine tools and factory automation incorporating the LiveDrive™ electric motor can operate more safely while adding productivity. When combined with Genesis’ innovative gearbox design, the Reflex™ high performance gearing system, the LiveDrive™ electric motor provides powerful actuation for a wide variety of applications.

The LiveDrive™ electric motor platform provides scalable solutions that will impact a broad range of industries from industrial to automation to transportation; changing not only how machines are powered, but also move.