The Livedrive Story

The Breakthrough

Powering the world's fastest, safest and most versatile robots.

In the past decade, robotic technology has made great progress in the areas of computer controls and electronic sensors. But the actuators – the parts that make robots move – are still using electric motor designs that haven’t changed much in a half-century. To be usable in robots, these primitive electric drives also require gear boxes, pulleys and drive belts.

The result is robots that are complex, heavy and expensive. These characteristics also make them dangerous to operate near people.

The Genesis team made three fundamental discoveries that made LiveDrive possible: amplifying the magnetic forces, a new structure that can withstand extreme forces, and thermodynamic innovations that enable much higher powers.

Genesis’ LiveDrive is a breakthrough – a direct-drive actuator with torque-to-weight that can meet or beat the best motor-gearbox actuators. The LiveDrive provides dramatically higher speed and phenomenally greater stopping torque – which means robots can be much safer.

LiveDrive is also elegantly simple. Competitive actuators have dozens of moving parts – LiveDrive has only one. And LiveDrive is designed to be mass produced by robots at a fraction of the cost of present day actuators.

LiveDrive will make robots faster, safer and less expensive – changing the industry forever.